What Was Up With Ray J’s Tangent About Respecting Women At Yandy’s Wedding?

Respect the culture. Respect the connection. Respect the woman you love.

You know we are obsessing over Yandy and Mendeecees’ wedding hard this week, we haven’t ignored a single moment from the live show and love every second of it. This moment might have been the weirdest of the night though, when red carpet co-host Stevie J. asked Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Ray J. whether or not the setting put him in the mood to get married himself. Ray J.’s response was a bit of a rambly tangent on respect. Whether or not it was meant to dodge the question or was an attempt at a statement about women, it was all a little confusing. Here’s his response in full to the question “Does this make you wanna get married?”:

“You know what? It makes me continue to want to respect. You know? Respect the culture. Respect the connection. And um, you know how when we shoot these shows we go through so many ups and downs in these relationships and for me, just looking back, just growing, respecting, respecting the woman you love, respecting the ups and downs, know what I’m saying? So of course, I feel good to be here. It’s a learning process.”

So we’ll take that as a no.