Latino Kids Cussing Out Donald Trump Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

"Maybe a little less hairspray and more education!"

“F—k you, you racist f—k!” a Latino boy says with a smile (and the middle finger) in Deport Racism 2016’s new PSA. And it’s the best (and most necessary) thing you’ll see all day.

The boy is speaking to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who has made several racist comments about Latinos and other minorities while on the campaign trail. Well, these youngins are fed up with Donald’s crap and are starting a movement to make sure he and his discriminatory views never see the Oval Office.

“Wow! Racist dick,” an adorable Laitno girl quips before schooling Donald on his coded language. And for Donald attacking people for speaking “Mexican?” “Um, it’s Spanish,” the same girl says, side-eye implied.

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