Presidential Candidate Ben Carson’s Rap Is Actually The Death Of Music

Oh well! It had a good run, didn't it? R.I.P. Music 3400 BC-2015 AD

Wow. It’s finally here. The day music died. We knew it would come eventually, but now that it’s happened, what are we even supposed to do? Moreover, who knew that 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson, who ironically spent most of his life saving lives, would be responsible for destroying one of the only sources of joy in this world?

Dr. Carson is launching a $150,000 urban radio ad tomorrow, according to ABC. It will air for two weeks, at which point maybe Beyonce will take one for the team and drop a song or two as a metaphorical defibrillator to restore music to its rightful state. Here’s hoping. ’Cause this is bad.

Dr. Carson recruited rapper Aspiring Mogul to help him out on his new 60-second rap ad, which samples his stump speech. The ad is meant to speak to young black voters because Carson thinks that if he gets 20% of the black vote, he’ll eventually beat out Hillary Clinton. So in the process of trying to get his life and become President of the United States, Carson actually killed music. Jesus. Why did it have to be today?

Here are some of the lyrics from Carson’s ad: “Vote / Inspire / Vote / Revive / Vote / Ben Carson 2016 / Vote and support Ben Carson for the next president he’d be awesome / If we wanna get America back on track we gotta vote Ben Carson, a matter of fact”

Yes, he rhymed “inspire” with “revive” and “Carson” with “awesome.” It’s been done, people. Might as well go home, I guess. R.I.P. Music.

Give it a listen here.

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