Erica Mena Says Amber’s Story Line is Fake, Amber Says Erica’s a “Has Been”

"You know you popping, when has-been cast members throwing subliminal tweets."

It’s never a dull moment with the Love & Hip Hop fam! Erica Mena took to Twitter to basically roll her eyes at Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this season and maybe taking some subliminal jabs at Amber Laura’s story with ex-boyfriend Miles.

Erica Tweeted (then deleted):

Then Amber replied to this “subliminal” Tweeting with:

Then after some friends of Erica’s came for Amber, agreeing that she already knew Miles was bisexual, she continued:

But don’t think mother is ever asleep, even if she’s not in the mix right away. Erica came out to Tweet:

Oof! What do you think of these two beefing? Do think Erica’s right about Amber?