These Kids Told Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton They Don’t Think Women Can Be Presidents and It’s Depressing as Hell

They think women presidents might "paint [the White House] pink." Do you agree?

The future lies in the hands of children “whether we like it or not,” Jimmy Kimmel explained last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It’s for this reason that it’s so important that everyone—yes, everyone—positively reinforces images and ideas of equality in order to raise children in a more forward-thinking world. With the 2016 presidential election swiftly approaching, Jimmy wondered whether or not children, a.k.a. the future, might already have a more “even-handed take” on gender discrimination when it comes to politics. So he put together a group of kids—two girls, two boys—to ask them their thoughts on whether or not women can be presidents. Their answers were, for the most part, devastating.

Sydney, Jaden, Belle and Andrew sat down with Jimmy to give their thoughts on whether women are capable of being President of the United States. Jayden (boy) in particular had a lot to say about this, sharing that if a woman became president, she’d probably “dress boys with dresses” and allow everyone to get free makeup all over the world. Andrew (boy) straight out said that he “thinks women are not presidents,” and that if they were, they “might even paint [the White House] pink.” To my horror, Belle (girl) agreed with him.

The boys seemed to have a lot to say about why women shouldn’t be presidents. They perpetuated the stereotypical portrayal of women as weaker than men, saying that it’s for this reason that women can’t do anything men can do. Sydney (girl) and Belle occasionally spoke out against this stereotype, insisting that women are smarter than men and equally as capable, but it wasn’t until Jimmy asked what they all thought a woman president would do in the face of war that Sydney gave this shining answer: “I think if there is a war then she [the woman president] would probably make it stop so people could be more healthy and they won’t die.” Applause ensued.

Without telling the kids who he was bringing out, Jimmy invited Hillary Clinton into the room, and guess who the only two were who could correctly identify her? Sydney and Belle. Girls.

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