Here’s What Josh Duhamel Does That Your Man Should Be Doing Too

Are you taking notes, boys?

It’s a big day for Josh Duhamel. The actor has taken a major departure from his rom-com roles by playing a desperate crook in his gritty new flick Lost in the Sun. Today, the world will witness it. We caught Josh in LA last week, and while I imagine gearing up for the big debut and preparing for critics was heavily on the brain, it didn’t stop the exemplar hubby from gushing over his wife, Fergie, and highlighting her accomplishments in midst of his big career move.

“She definitely wants to push me to strive,” he said of his wife, who’s already seen his new film. “And I feel the same way about her.” Hearing about the mutual respect and support Josh and Fergie have for one another career-wise was extremely refreshing. So many men are set in the tired, 1950’s mindset that they have the be sole breadwinners, when really they should view you as an equal partner, and without becoming threatened by your success, cheer you on.

Josh was ready to talk about himself, his role and his new project, yet had no problem shifting the focus towards his wife and her new album and tour she’s worked so hard on. “She’s crazy talented. For people who haven’t heard her stuff for a while, just wait, because it’s coming and it’s fantastic.”

Now that’s what a real man looks like.

Watch Josh discuss fatherhood, Fergie and more in the clip above and catch Lost in the Sun, out today.

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