Who’s Fetty Wap’s Girl? Masika Kalysha and Alexis Sky Both Post About the Rapper on Instagram

"See you in a month bae!"

It’s not just Love & Hip Hop on TV, it’s love (and hip hop) in the streets too. Alexis Sky, rapper Fetty Wap’s on-again, off-again girlfriend took to Instagram to show off her cute outfit (and also her bae in the background).

Embedded from www.instagram.com.

Sky wrote, “Don’t mind my bed lol I looked to cute I had to take a pic.”

The always funny and self-aware Masika Kalysha took to Instagram to post her own funny take on Fetty Wap’s girl posting about her (alleged, sometimes) man.

Embedded from instagram.com.

Kalysha captioned the meme with, “this was comical. I don’t want him y’all can have him back. bitches really be out here playing musical chairs dick with a nigga that’s playin duck duck goose with a group of bitches that know about each other. #IsItMyTurnYet #CanIpostYouOnMyIG #MyWeekWithBae #SharingIsCaring #SisterWives #BuyMeWhatYouBoughtHer #SeeYouInAmonthBae”

See you in a month bae? LOL. Wowza. What do you think of Fetty having these two beautiful women on retainer?