“Girl, Why Are You Trying To Be In Fashion?” The Claws Are Out When It Comes To Teairra’s Blazer Line In This Week’s Check Yourself

"Here she go with this one jacket..."

“If I see this ONE blazer, one more time, I’m gonna slit my own throat,” Hazel says in this week’s Check Yourself, hinting that Teairra’s “fashion line” consists of one jacket only. Princess scoffs too, adding “Here she go with this one jacket…”

“These hos be hatin’ on me but you know what? I’m the s—t,” Teairra responds. Her patterns are done, so why all the hate? After things escalated between TT and Hazel and they basically wished each other dead, Milan walks Teairra out and Princess adds insult to injury, saying “Yes, Milan, walk her out. With her one jacket. Her one polyester jacket and her paper patterns.”

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