Tiffney Cambridge Talks Life After Marrying The Game, Says She’s Got Game Was Not Her Cup Of Tea

And she didn't watch She's Got Game!

For three seasons audiences watched The Game and Tiffney Cambridge plan their wedding, call it off, and try to put the pieces back together on their show Marrying The Game. We know the rapper has moved on to dick pics and bachelor life but what happened to Cambridge, the grounded other half, of the former duo?

VH1 caught up with the school teacher about life after Marrying The Game, what her children Cali and Justice are up to, and what she really thought of The Game doing She’s Got Game.

Catch me up with what’s been going on with since Marrying The Game ended.
I’ve been taking care of myself and care of my kids. I wrote a children’s book and have been doing things with my children’s book, book readings, and book signing for The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile. Cali seems to be the most popular [from our family.] Justice and I are second, but Cali seems to be the most popular, so I’ve been shopping around for a good agent for Cali, so I can get her into some commercials, some ads, and stuff like that. I am also still working full time [as a teacher], so my plate is really, really full with the kids and their activities and what I have going on.

Cali’s pursuing her Hollywood dreams, what’s Justice up to?
Justice is fine. He is a little more laid-back. He is the cool kid. [Laughs] He has lot of style, a lot of swag, and a lot of personality, too. He is right now playing football and when football is over he’ll be playing basketball. He’s more behind the camera type of guy. He does a little rapping, production, beats and stuff like that. Justice is a boy, but Miss Cali she really likes to be in front of the camera.

And is Harlem around just as much now as he was when you and Game were in a relationship?
Oh yes, absolutely, big brother is around. He doesn’t like football at all. He is anti-football. Right now, he is just preparing for basketball season and going to school. He’s in sixth grade now. He has a lot of challenging work and is trying to keep up with his studies and get ready for junior high, but the kids are always together.

How has your life as a teacher changed since you’ve been on television?
I guess they show repeats of Marrying The Game often so they’re still able to see me but it’s funny for them to have their teacher, that they see every day also on television. Everybody must be in Miss Cambridge’s class! It gives me a lot of respect at the school because for some reason I get listened to a lot more now that I was on TV. It has its good sides and down sides. The children are very-well mannered and good.

A lot of people would say, she was in a relationship with a rapper for years, why is she still teaching?
Education is my passion. I’ve been a teacher for 18 years. I have a master’s degree in education, that’s who I am. I think to be educating the youth [is] very important. Even though I do have other opportunities and other jobs, teaching is a passion that that is intrinsic, it comes from my heart. To see the light bulb come on in the kids when they really do get it, and expand it, that’s priceless. So this is just my service to my community, to the world. I think that we are all giving to kids.

What is the status of your relationship with Jayceon right now?
We are co-parenting, we are friends, we are not in a relationship, and we are in a good space.

What did you think of She’s Got Game? Did you watch it? Did you guys have any sort of talk about him doing the show?
No, that was not my cup of tea. I wasn’t not interested in She’s Got Game in the least bit. I didn’t watch that at all.

Did it annoy you or bother you that he was doing a dating show?
I don’t know if annoyed is the word but I don’t think it was appropriate for someone that has young kids to do a show that explicit because he has young kids and they are watching. I just didn’t allow my kids to watch it and I did not watch it either.

Would you be open to returning to TV with him? Another season of Marrying The Game?
I mean, maybe, yes. I wouldn’t be opposed to it, I’ll say that. Everyone who saw [She’s Got Game] thought I was going to come on on that show and really like save the day, or come on and take Jayceon back, but that’s his life, that’s his adventures. That’s what he chose to do and it played out the way it played out. I wouldn’t be opposed to come back to VH1 and do something different.

Would you do a show with just you and the kids?
Why didn’t you ask if I was gonna do a dating show so I can meet a nice, eligible bachelor?

It seemed like you were more interested in a family show.
[Laughs] No, no, I get that a lot. I’d be open to [a family show.] And it’s just funny that you said that because that’s another suggestion that I hear all the time, “Tiffney, you need to do your own dating show.” That’s really not my style but I am kinda open, open to new opportunities. [I’m] not opposed to anything.

People are rooting for you and Jayceon to get back together, any chance that may happen?
I think that that’s really sweet but I think that you have to look at Jayceon for that. I spent a lot of time and the time has really left for me to work on our relationship. I’ve done it privately. I’ve done it publicly with the world watching it. We do have two beautiful children, we did have what I see as a beautiful family, but, the direction that I want to move in for myself and my life and the lives of my children? They don’t line up with what he’s doing and where he is.

Do you have time with your busy schedule to date right now?
Yea, I do have time [Laughs] Right now I am just keeping my options open to see what’s going to develop.