Here’s Proof That 50 Cent Still Loves Vivica Fox

Tell the truth, bruh!

On Sunday night when Vivica Fox spilled some scorching tea about 50 Cent, the internet got its mug out to receive it.

When the Hollywood gangsta insinuated that Fif was gay, he got on his best (or worst) behavior and mercilessly came for his ex-girlfriend. The self-proclaimed troll loves staying on his job and was completely unapologetic about it–which is a low key reason why people hate to love him…or love to hate him.

Fif posted one disrespectful Instagram post after another. Not only were the pictures of Viv unflattering, but the captions were in the no chill zone, too.

As soon as I woke up this morning, I immediately went on my social media accounts to look at any updates on this newest beef. Being the gangsta is she, Viv continues to re-tweet and post subliminal messages on her Twitter. But when I looked at 50’s Instagram–AKA his slander ground–something surprised the hell out of me.

I noticed the posts of Viv looking “not camera ready” were taken down. 50 still has two posts about her on his IG account, but they aren’t as harsh as the ones from yesterday.

The removal of these posts have led me to one simple conclusion: he still has love in his heart for her. Why remove those posts when you still have posts up insulting people like Rick Ross and Diddy from the past week?

Honestly, we can’t say we blame him. Viv is beautiful, smart, witty, ambitious, has her own dough, and always seems to bring life to a party. So it’s no shock that he still (maybe) has a soft spot in his heart for her.

50 may be too stubborn to admit it, so I’ll do it for him. Attention world: Curtis Jackson still loves Vivica A. Fox!!!

Your welcome, Fif. Now stop with this Mr. Tough guy act and reach out to your bae.

"It's one life to live, so live it the best you can. The world could use one less man." - Nas