If Ashton Kutcher Didn’t Post a Pic of His Own Child, I’m Concerned

Why is a grown man posting photos of rando babies?

As Gawker pointed out, no one knows if the photo Ashton Kutcher recently shared is of his own one-year-old or not. A few days ago, the actor posted a pic of a small child without showing her face, and the world is straight puzzled. This wouldn’t be the first time Ashton confused us by posting pics of babies that may or may not be his own daughter Wyatt Isabelle–but doesn’t anyone find it a little strange that we even have to ask?

Shortly after Mila Kunis gave birth to their daughter Wyatt, her clearly conflicted man posted photos of six babies, never clarifying if any of them were his.

Here we are a year later and we get this:

Again, I ask: why is a grown ass man fond of posting photos of random babies? If this isn’t Wyatt, maybe she’s Ashton’s niece (does he have a niece?), a goddaughter (I dunno), or a cousin seven times removed. But if she isn’t any of the above, I’m officially concerned.

I understand Ashton and Mila cherish their privacy, but why the games? Save them for Punk’d, AK, before you keep making me feel weirder than I’m comfortable with.

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