Brittish Williams On Life After the Show, Says She and Draya Are “On the Same Sh*t” in Their Relationships

"I don’t even give Draya energy, I don’t even care to talk about her."

Brittish Williams was a firecracker on the third season of Basketball Wives LA, infamously getting into it with Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell. We caught up with the former reality star about life after the show, where she and on-again, off-again fiancé Lorenzo Gordon stand, and what she thought of the most recent season of the reality soap.

What’s been going on with you since you left Basketball Wives LA
Brittish Willaims: I’m doing a lot of stuff. I have my brand House of Labels and we’re about to release House of Labels: Beauty, so it’s adding onto the brand. I just recently did Fashion Week in New York and that was really cool.

What is House of Labels? What’s the product you’re selling?
We’re selling all women’s accessories and clothing and it really is just a household brand in itself. We’re selling hair, and we’re selling brushes, along with everything. So now when you go on the site or when you go to shop, there’s everything that a girl needs, from accessories to even lip gloss so it’s really something that I’m taking pride in. I’m also releasing Label Whore which is the first line through House of Labels which is this really cool active wear of girl stuff with all these different labels on it like, you may have a shirt that says like “I Don’t Give a F—” but it says Givenchy inside of it. It’s something I’m putting my hard work into cause it’s something I’m actually creating for the brand.

How hands on have you been with designing and making the items?
As far as the Label Whore goes, super hands on, I’m creating all of it. I’ve been doing it for the past few months so we’re just starting to get samples of it back and just seeing how it looks and and how it may fit a girl with the big butt versus how it’d fit a girl with a small butt. You can go wear it in the airport or you can dress it up and put it on with Tom Ford heels. It’s very universal.

So, aside, from professional stuff, what’s going on with your relationship with Lorenzo?
I don’t know. You gotta kinda [infer] what you guys think is going on. I recently got pictures released of me to TMZ that were like me coming out, just being free and just really claiming that I’m 25 and trying to live my life for me, that’s just where I am right now so, you take it as you want.

Can you be a little more clear? You guys aren’t together at the moment?
I don’t know, I’m just really taking my time out to seek out what is best for Brittish and really finding what makes me happy. I think that’s the best thing for me to do right now. I’m just trying to be as free as I can and as happy as I can with all the things I have going on without being focused on other people and other things besides myself.

Are you still wearing your engagement ring?
I don’t know. I still have both of them.

Okay, well, did you watch the most recent season of Basketball Wives LA?
I did watch some of it. It was a good twist to see Tami [Roman] and Shaunie [O’Neal] on the show. Was it interesting to me? I don’t know. I know when we were on the show we were doing 2.4/2.3 million and I don’t know what the numbers are looking like now. [Laughs] It is what it is.

Are you in touch with any of the ladies from your season?
I talked to Jackie probably about a month ago, maybe more like 2 weeks ago but I don’t talk to anyone else. Mehgan reached out to me so I did have a conversation with her and she just kinda wanted to know some insides and outs about being on the show. She was really cool so I did talk to her but the [other] girls? No, I don’t. I don’t even see them or talk to them or even think of them to even care.

Do you have any sort of relationship with Draya? I know there was some off-camera drama between you and her between seasons. Can you explain that?
I don’t even give Draya energy, I don’t even care to talk about her. I have no clue what she got going on. I know one day she’s married, one day she’s not. I don’t know, I feel like we’re kinda on the same s–t [in our relationships]. As far as far as her label goes that was last year and I’ve moved past it and it is what it is, so whatever.

Any regrets about participating on Basketball Wives? How have you changed since?
Of course not! Basketball Wives definitely gave me my start. It has given me so many more opportunities that I have coming up in the future and I’m just really grateful I was given the opportunity. I was the youngest, I think they ever had on the show and I really got a chance to mature from it. Since being on Basketball Wives, I definitely became a better person. I understood myself more from seeing myself on television and understanding who I am and I was 23 when I shot that show and I’ll be 26 in December so I’m a totally different person. I’m just having fun and just living my life for me and partying. You might see me in Vegas with Justin Bieber and s–t. Who knows? I’m just telling you.

Would you ever make a cameo appearance? Visit your “big sis” Jackie or something?
Basketball Wives gave me my beginnings and if they called and everything sounded right, I will always come back and support it because it is something that gave me my start. [Returning would] kinda depend on the dynamics of the show. When we were on there was the best season they ever had and I really feel like they should have kept it the same honestly. I think Shaunie and Tami coming in was a huge difference in the show, only because they had their own way of doing Miami. Tami really spiced things up and I think Shaunie and her calmness really helped with the other girls. I think it would be really cool if they just brought us all back at the same time, like I think that would be like, a Basketball Wives: All Stars.

Are there any plans for you to return to television right now?
You will see me on TV in May of next year. I can’t tell you where. I have been getting a lot of different offers for different TV shows and stuff like that so I’m just really trying to find a place, I feel is comfortable for me to call home. I filmed something already this summer. You guys are gonna see it, it’s crazy, it’s good, it’s awesome, and it will be like, me coming back out to the world as far as television goes and I think you guys are gonna enjoy it.