Watch Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Fallon Douse Each Other With Ice Cold Water on The Tonight Show

Let's hope Jimmy lent Daniel an extra pair of underwear.

Daniel Radcliffe took a break last night from promoting his upcoming movie Victor Frankenstein to be a special guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Daniel talked to Jimmy about how he shaved his head to avoid looking like a toothbrush, as well as his latest roles. Things were going swimmingly until the two engaged in a friendly game of Water War.

What is Water War, you ask? Well, young grasshopper, have you ever played the card game War? Water War is essentially that, but with the added bonus of being able to douse your opponent with water —ice cold water. So as you can imagine, Daniel’s Tonight Show appearance took a wet and wild turn.

The rules of Water War are the same as War, except when your hand loses, your opponent gets to throw cups of water at you. Should you and your opponent engage in an actual war of cards (when both of your hands are the same), the winner of that war gets a whole pitcher of water to dispose of as he/she sees fit, a.k.a. pouring it on your head. The overall prize of the game is the ability to use a loaded water gun to squirt water at your opponent. There can only be one winner, and in the case of Daniel vs. Jimmy, our lips our sealed as to who came out of it drier.

Hit the clip to find out who got water cannon-ed and stay tuned for the release of Victor Frankenstein, out November 25. Let’s hope Jimmy lent Daniel an extra pair of underwear.

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