Being Mary Jane Season 3, Episode 5: Jesse Jackson to the Rescue?

This was another great episode of what is increasingly proving to be the show’s best season yet.

By Michael Arceneaux

For portions of tonight’s episode of Being Mary Jane, I found myself relating to Mary Jane Paul and that frightened the hell out of me. You know, because more often than not, Mary Jane behaves like a terrible period. I’ll get to why in the breakdown in a few, but let it be known that this was another great episode of what is increasingly proving to be the show’s best season yet.

What would Rev. Jesse Jackson do?

I found it hilarious that after Mary Jane’s boss shut down her plans to return to her show, she made a $5,000 donation to the Rainbow Coalition and immediately asked to speak to Jesse Jackson. And then after the Rainbow Coalition rep failed to get Mary Jane what she wanted on her schedule, she improvised by speaking her return into existence in front of a camera crew. Isn’t it funny how Don Lemon in stilettos often decries those who complain about racism when met with challenges only to run to one of the biggest Civil Rights leaders ever when in need?

By the way, I’m surprised she called Jesse and not Rev. Al Sharpton. I’m assuming those past few weeks of blackmail have left her unable to afford the other good reverend. Do what you gotta do, girl.

Don’t you hate when people put you on speaker without telling you?

I’m assuming Kara had no choice but to put Mary Jane on speaker with their boss, Greg, but whew, when Mary Jane referred to him as “fat ass,” I let out an audible gasp. Then I just laughed my ass off as Greg called her into his office for that stunt she pulled about going back to work on Monday. Listen, for all those times Mary Jane admonishes others for their lack of effort, it was a cackle to hear Greg run down her many list of offenses. It lit a spark under Mary Jane that perhaps she had become too comfortable in her spot. You can tell Marisol put fear into her as she reminded her that no matter how good you are, you are essentially replaceable.

Is Shug Avery going home to glory?

What was with those random coughs Mama Helen had on the episode? Did she fall and take a tumble? Are they trying to prepare us for her death? Or some serious illness, perhaps? Neither option should be on the table. I never got over Big Mama from Soul Food’s death. I refuse to accept Helen being anything but healthy and ready to snatch you bald while rocking her good wig.

Nicey is such a brat.

So, while I’m not entirely sure if Jill Scott is old enough to play Nicey’s mom, I did appreciate her reminding Nicey that it’s about time she grows the hell up. I understand she didn’t have the best luck in terms of parents, but that girl has spent two seasons not doing a damn thing and expecting the world. That’s partially her father’s fault, but she needs to pull it together.

Nicey’s mom may be lying about doing Nicki Minaj’s hair (she does the dancers’ hair, which is fine), but she has a job doing something she loves. She offered to help put her kid on and Nicey can’t be bothered to put together a portfolio. In 2015! Nicey, you could’ve created an Instagram account to show off your work. I definitely have dated someone who did the same. I like her, but she’s trifling.

Gay shape is a real thing.

When Mary Jane joined Mark at the club, they were at odds over the body of one particularly gentleman at the bar. To Mary Jane, he was perfectly in shape, though in Mark’s eyes, he might as well have been one of those people who has to be carried out of their home with an 18-wheeler featured on daytime TV. That’s a gay man for you. I’ve definitely told people before I am perfectly fine for heterosexuals, but I need to stop consuming carbs and only drink soda with my liquor for the gays. Ugh.

Won’t catch Mary Jane slipping on live TV.

Her paranoid self thought Greg set her up with the teleprompter going out, but she was quick on her feet and managed to not sound like a damn fool. That’s more than I can say for a few anchors y’all are currently watching during primetime. I’m glad she’s no longer just coasting. I’m curious to see if she pushes herself harder to score higher ratings for her show now that she’s gotten it back.

When you kissed your first white man, did you think you let the ancestors down?

I laughed at Mary Jane when she said this. When I kissed my first white man, it was a triple kiss at some random club in New York City and I was drunk. I don’t think Harriet Tubman was pissed at me, though. She probably just felt I was trash for body rolling to the ground to Ciara after the fact, though.