The Queen Protects Her King: Dutchess Defends Ceaser’s Latest Arrest

"I pray I find the strength to get over this moment..."

By Sarah Michel

In the wake of a legal situation involving Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser, Dutchess took to Instagram to speak on her emotions.

Dutchess stands by Ceas and expresses her distress because her shop is supposed to be opening and she is currently in “emotional hell.” She wrote,

Continuing her defense, Dutchess captioned the post:

@therealceaser I hate that the public is so ignorant and mislead with information I hate that you have to deal with this when all you want is to be a father and you actually do what you’re supposed to do and that people will go as far as threaten me say the most hateful and disturbing things to me (strangers) and I’m suppose to be happy right now my shop is suppose to open in days and I’m caught up in bull shit that I have no control or responsibility to. I love you cease but your baby mother is definitely not my responsibility but a part of you that I support without involvement I’ve been there for you and I’ve loved you through it all and wouldn’t change any of that for the world I always will. This is not about my relationship, me and cease are together. This is about what’s happening in this moment I just thought @pretty_n_ink704 would be my dream my hearts desire and I put so much hard work and love in that place but sometimes you have to throw in the towel cause you’re breaking and I think I’m there. I pray I find the strength to get over this moment but it’s consuming me and I’ve been trying to hide how I feel with my pride in @pretty_n_ink704 but im breaking.

What do you think of Dutchess standing by her man?