Get to Know the Ladies of Be Here Nowish, the Smartest Web Series You Need to Watch Right Now

It’s unlike any basketcase-BFF series on the Internet.

“Our photographer just texted me and said, ‘You better have gotten a bunch of ratchet lettuce,’” said Alexandra Roxo. A girl salad–that’s what Roxo and her Drink Purple Milk producing partner Natalia Leite are prepping for this cool New York afternoon. And they mean this literally, too. To promote season two of their hilarious and poignant web series, Be Here Nowish (which you can rent now), the bicoastal duo are playing with bags upon bags of lettuce they’d just picked up at the grocery store, killing time until they get in front of the camera.

It’s pretty perfect they’re tossing themselves into salad, so to speak, as Be Here Nowish is a delicious and generous helping of spirituality, sexual fluidity, identity crises, and rocky relationships. Here, Roxo and Leite, writers/directors/producers/stars of the project, play Sam and Nina, native New Yorkers, who seek spiritual awakening in their new home of Los Angeles. It’s unlike any basketcase-BFF web series on right now, as these women present an eye-opening look into millennial new age culture that hasn’t been this smartly and genuinely portrayed before.

VH1 got a chance to speak to the creators of the show about what to expect in season two, how close they really are to their characters, and the incredible hustle that got them on screen.

How did you guys meet?
Alexandra Roxo: We met three years ago at a party. We had mutual friends and we had heard about each other and each other’s work. We were kind of each going through a break-up and some changes at the time and bonded quickly as friends. Then we had an opportunity to work together on this documentary [Serrano Shoots Cuba] that was going to be shot in Cuba. We didn’t know each other that well at the time, but intuitively we felt like it was the right choice for us to partner up. So we ended co-directing it and selling it to Vice.

How did you discover your creative chemistry?
Roxo: We both are really hard workers and we had collaborations with other people in the past that we never felt the right chemistry with. Natalia’s also someone who’s ambitious and really committed to work. We realized that we were both down to commit ourselves to something and it was priority. It wasn’t a side project or a hobby. It was our mission.

From there, it was just through having fun as friends. We were both dedicated to our spiritual path. We came from backgrounds with moms that taught us a bit about spirituality growing up and we had other things in common, too, that we thought were really hilarious. We had similar stories that we told about our parents, like Natalia’s mom putting tin foil under the bed to reflect vibes.

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