These Disney Channel Parents Are So Weird, But We Love Them Anyway

Oscar and his darn Proud Snacks!

I’ll admit: Growing up, I dreamed of having parents similar to the ones I saw on Disney Channel. They are so funny, quirky and mostly let their kids do whatever the heck they want. (And if they don’t, they’re awfully oblivious about it.) From Oscar Proud and his obsession with greasy snacks to Carey Martin’s badass day job, DC parents run the gamete of weirdness.

Some are good weird (like Carey), and some are bad weird (i.e.: Phineas and Ferb’s parentals who literally never keep track of their kids). Whatever the case, they’re entertaining nonetheless. And all of them do share tender moments with their youngins’ that equal total #familygoals. Here are the 10 strangest moms and dads on the channel.

  • The Proud Family

    Disney Channel

    Oscar Proud is lovable as hell, but his obsession with those pesky Proud Snacks (a.k.a.: his livelihood) is mad perplexing. He’s always mixing up some snack mix and testing them on innocent peeps—leading to nausea more than satisfaction. Maybe go work at Lays, Oscar. These treats just aren’t working.

  • Even Stevens

    Disney Channel

    The shining star here is Steven “Steve” Stevens, played to aplomb by Tom Virtue. He’s a lawyer, but nothing about him is serious…especially compared to his no-nonsense partner Eileen Stevens (Donna Pescow).

  • Lizzie McGuire

    Disney Channel

    Lizzie’s mom Jo (Hallie Todd) is pretty straight-laced, but her dad Sam (Robert Carradine) is damn klutzy. Who can forget the time Sam found himself suspended on a rock-climbing wall frozen with fear when he was supposed to be shooting an energy drink commercial?

  • That’s So Raven

    Disney Channel

    Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan) once literally had a blue face, which puts him on our list. (That, and the shenanigans he gets into as a chef. Remember the brilliance that is Liz Anya’s “Bring Victor Back?”) And as for Tanya (T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh)? Her insane love for nachos is too weird to ignore.

  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

    Disney Channel

    Carey Martin (Kim Rhodes) is a cool kind of weird. Carey is a singer in the hotel where she and her boys live, and that’s all kinds of badass. C’mon: Tell me you didn’t dream of your parents doing something that guaranteed you room service whenever you pleased. For the sheer anomaly of her 9-to-5, Carey earns a spot on our list.

  • Phineas and Ferb

    Disney Channel

    Lawrence and Lynn Fletcher are moreso careless than actually weird. They literally never know where their children are. Seriously, where is child protective services when you need ’em?!

  • Hannah Montana

    Disney Channel

    When Billy Ray Cyrus is your father, it’s weird. No matter what you do. Sorry to stab you right in the achey-breaky heart.