“A Little Post Runway Chit-Chat With These Other B*itches From The Fashion Show” Goes Left In This Week’s Check Yourself

"No one doubted you, Teairra..."

“Does Teairra have to bring her pet rat wherever she goes?” This post runway chit chat quickly turned into a post runway clap back when Moniece was not even trying to hear Princess out on having a sense of unity in the same industry. A few annoyed sighs and eye rolls later, Moniece is quick to provoke Princess into an argument. Don’t let her regal name and sweet demeanor fool you, Princess is not here to play with Moniece.

Things go from zero to, you know, and Moniece tells Princess to not here to play with her. “I will find the dumpster you live in and I will beat your ass b-tch”. Well okay then! So much for a chit chat.

Watch the rest of the cast reactions on this week’s Check Yourself right here!

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