Here’s What a Jew Has to Say About Candace Cameron Bure’s Defense of the Starbucks Holiday Cup

Would she be cool to drink her latte out of a cup with dreidels on it? Jw.

The Starbucks red and green holiday cup has caused quite the commotion and frankly, I don’t know why. It’s not like this is something we’ve never seen before. You can’t even go to a mall during the holidays without seeing Santa and his giant North Pole setup, so why is everyone acting so shocked about the obvious Christian majority we see in this country this time of year? Candace Cameron Bure took to Facebook to weigh in on the controversial cup, beginning with, “It’s a cup, folks,” which, I feel you on that, CCB, I feel you. But it’s the rest of her defense, that as a Jew, I’m not so sure about, even though I do think the debate as a whole is stupid.

Candace brings our attention to the real meaning of Christmas and points out that a red and green cup doesn’t signify her relationship with the man JC. Mad respect, you right. But then she gives alternatives to the red and green-clearly Christmas colors-like “Santa, a snowflake, some holly, a polar bear, some jingle bells.” This is where it begins getting sketchy, because to my knowledge, all of these things still represent Christmas. Jews don’t GAF about polar bears or jingle bells during the holidays.

Candace says she will “joyfully” drink out of her “plain red cup,” and that’s when I think to myself: Well, yeah, Candace, because it’s still representing Christmas, which is the holiday you celebrate.

I’m not trying to be another hypersensitive contributor on the Internet, because I love the shit out of my Starbucks, regardless of what the cup has on it. I’m not trying to get defensive or attack Candace in any way, but I can’t help but think what the practicing Christian would say if the cups were blue and white or gold, clearly representing Hanukkah. What if the cups had dreidels on them? Or menorahs? Would she “joyfully” sip her drinks then? Or would she then get defensive and wonder why she isn’t drinking out of a “plain red cup”?

As I said, I personally could care less, it just makes me wonder. We’re used to being the minority by now, and as Jews, we’ve seen worse days than having to drink out of a Christmas-themed cup.

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