Ouch! Karrine Steffans Just Shaded The Hell Out Of Christina Milian After Her Break Up With Lil Wayne

She rubbed that break up in like lotion on an ashy person.

Karrine Steffans just used her Twitter fingers to kick Christina Milian while she’s down. Formerly known as “Superhead,” Karrine has detailed her past relationship with Lil Wayne on numerous occasions. They’ve always, shall we say, stayed close…

So when Weezy’s latest ex Christina cried about their breakup on her TV show, Christina Milian Turned Up, Karrine gave some shade-filled advice to the heartbroken sister on social media.

Now I know what some people might be thinking. That’s not shade. She was being nice, dummy. But nope. That’s not true. Let me show you these receipts right quick…

Back in January, Karrine gave a grave warning to Xtina about publicly expressing her love for Weezy.


Christina even clapped back with some words of her own.


Karrine wasn’t finished, though. She later posted a picture of another woman in Weezy’s bed–with a hashtag Christina used to try and shut her down.


Throughout the months, these two have been going back and forth with each other. Many thought that Karrine was just being on her Petty Wap flow and jealous that Weezy found somebody else. But looking back at this whole feud, you can see that she was trying to give Xtina some sound advice. She definitively saw this coming when Chrissy didn’t.

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