These Misogynistic Nickelback Lyrics Will Make You Lose Faith in Music

In other words, every line in "Animals."

A few weeks back, I posed a very serious question: why do so many people have a problem with Nickelback? Over the past few weeks I did some hardcore googling into their back catalogue and I think I have the answer: the lyrics are kind of creepy.

A little more than “kind of,” now that I think of it. Chad Kroeger, you’re a strange creature. How—just how—did you come up with some of these god-awful words?!

Not only are they bad, but they sound like they came straight from a horny 18-year-old boy’s mind. Seriously, where’s the sophistication? Where’s the class? All that we have here is misogyny—gross, tone-deaf misogyny that is particularly cringe-worthy in 2015. Don’t believe us? We have seven of the highlights (or lowlights) right here.


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