We’re Having A Hard Time Believing That This Woman On Instagram Isn’t Miley Cyrus

Brings a whole new meaning to "just being Miley."

Meet Mardee Shackleford. She looks like this:

No, that’s not Miley Cyrus. She looks like this:
But you have to admit they DO look very similar. The 21-year-old California waitress claims that it’s totally by chance, and the two merely share similar tastes and styles.

“Though I post photos with my tongue out, that’s a pose I have been doing all my life and I am comfortable with,” she tells the Daily Mail. See?

The first time she realized the extent of the resemblance was when Billy Ray Cyrus pointed it out at one of Miley’s concerts. Interesting.

He wasn’t the only person who thought they looked similar. Mardee later went on to win $2,500 at a Miley Cyrus look-alike contest in Chicago.

It makes a lot of sense considering they both self-identify as “hippies,” and enjoy lounging in the (almost) buff. Case in point:

They also have a habit of appearing on the cover of Paper Magazine.

And they both love America.

And who doesn’t like hanging out on the beach?

They also love loud and cozy PJs.
As well as barely-there latex ensembles.

Toking up.
One-piece swimsuits.

And style choices that we don’t totally understand.

All in all, we think they could be friends. Or possibly the same person. Or maybe it’s a Parent Trap situation. You be the judge.

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