Is This a Real Photo of a Celebrity or a Wax Figure?

The hardest quiz you'll ever take.

Celebrities naturally have very little flaws, so when they’re turned into wax figures at Madame Tussauds, it’s eerie as hell. What am I looking at? Is this real? Is this fake? WHY IS MY MIND PLAYING TRICKS ON ME?

Some celebrity wax figures are very jank, but some look so lifelike that it’s terrifying. It’s the stuff double-takes are made of, really.

So, how observant are you? Can you tell the difference between an IRL celebrity and just a convincing wax figure? I’ll be honest: I can’t. I’ll be very impressed if you pass this quiz with a 7/10 or higher. Take a stab at it, and tell me your score in the comments below. (Guess in your head if it’s real or wax, and flip the card over to see the answer!)