“She Opened Her Legs And The Sunshine Came Out!” Charmaine Tells The Guys What Happened During Kat’s Bikini Wax

"She asked me to open Katrina's ass cheeks."

Charmaine got everyone’s attention when she decided to share Kat’s bikini waxing experience with Phor, Van, and Ryan in this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago bonus clip. During Kat’s wax experience from hell, her waxer apparently put Charmaine to work having her spread Kat’s butt cheeks apart. While the obvious reaction would be “that’s unprofessional,” Charmaine focused on the “good things” about it, explaining that Kat has the “most beautiful p—y I’ve ever seen in my motherf—ing life. She opened her legs and the sunshine came out!”  She has no chill button, but that’s what makes her her!

Watch what else Charmaine had to say about Kat’s Hoo-Hah and be sure to tune into Black Ink Crew Chicago, Monday’s at 9/8c.

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