New Video Shows Busta Rhymes Throwing Water at the Gym Employee He Argued With This Summer

Let's hope Steel Gym had extra towels that day.

Video of Busta Rhymes’ altercation with a Steel Gym staffer this past August surfaced yesterday via The New York Post. The footage doesn’t include audio of the argument, but it does show Busta throwing water at the gym staffer, who actually throws water back at Busta. Let’s hope Steel Gym had dry towels handy that day. At least it was water and not punches, right?

Riiiight. But Busta did also manage to take out the employee’s computer, so there goes that. The Post spoke to the Steel Gym staffer, Ole Hernandez, about the August 5 incident. Hernandez apparently told Busta’s cameraman the day before that he couldn’t come into the gym without permission. This was perceived by Busta as a diss and is what sparked the altercation.

From The Post:

Rhymes, 43, whose real name is Trevor Smith, got wind of the perceived diss and came to the gym on Aug. 4 breathing fire, Hernandez, 33, recalled.

“You don’t know who I am! I’m Busta Rhymes!” the rapper bellowed, according to Hernandez. “I’m the real n–ga! You’re a f–king f–got, you are a p–sy! You are a Mexican crossing the border to come to this country, I will f–k you up.”

On the other hand, Hernandez couldn’t have cared less who Busta was. “I am a Mexican,” he told The Post. “I like mariachi. I don’t like rap.” Enough said.

Busta was arrested following the fight, but he got off with anger management classes. Watch the security footage of his altercation with the gym staffer below via TMZ.

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