Guess What That’s So Raven Alum Jonathan McDaniel Has to Say About Raven Symone’s Recent Antics

Put your psychic gift to the test.

No amount of psychic ability can predict what will come out of Raven Symone’s mouth these days. Raven made her way onto The View with her controversial statements that vary from comparing Michelle Obama to an ape to flat-out name discrimination and speaking to “what white people want.” But what does That’s So Raven alum Jonathan McDaniel have to say about the star, whom he’s known from way back when?

We asked him on Sunday at VH1 Big In 15 With Entertainment Weekly, and let’s just say he isn’t eating up the BS headlines nearly as much as the rest of us have been.

“I don’t get wrapped up in the craziness that’s going on,” said the Hit the Floor star. “I know Raven personally, she’s a great friend of mine, always has been, always has been amazing to me. I just like to keep it at that. I don’t mind all the drama that goes on.” Oh, and she’s totally a Hit the Floor fan, which rocks.

Props to Jonathan for sticking up for his girl and not folding to the media–admittedly, us included.



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