Does Taraji P. Henson Think Cookie and Lucious Should Get Back Together on Empire?

We asked the Lyoness, and she answered.

Cookie and Lucious Lyon’s relationship is a hot mess. It’s the second season of Empire, and we’ve already seen these two deal with kids (each with their own bag of issues), deaths, prison sentences, crazy hate sex, life-threatening business deals and soul-cutting one-liners. But amidst their challenges and constant battle for power, they somehow always remain a team.

Should this ride-or-die pair attempt to keep riding, though? We asked the empress Taraji P. Henson at VH1 Big In 15 With Entertainment Weekly on Sunday, and her answer will either delight or disappoint you.

“I know people probably think they should, but I think no,” said the in-real-life queen. “I think it’s gone, I don’t know. You just never know in life how it’s gonna go, especially with someone you have so much history with. Sometimes it can be good, but what’s good for you can be oh so bad.”

Guess the off-the-charts hate/make-up sex isn’t worth it after all.

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