NeNe Leakes Is Not Here for the “Mean Girls” on The View (and Neither Are We)

NeNe—1, Hosts—0

Don’t come for NeNe Leakes unless she sends for you.

Joy Behar and the rest of The View co-hosts clearly didn’t get this memo when the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star dropped by their show Tuesday to discuss her upcoming Broadway gig in Chicago. Joy wasted no time making things uncomfortable, first noting that NeNe’s jewelry hurt her shoulder when they hugged. “If I’ve got a black a blue mark, I’m ’gonna sue your ass,” she said.

Things continued on, albeit cold as ice. Joy kept pressing about NeNe’s divorce and remarriage to husband Gregg, but Ms. Leakes was here for none of it. When Joy asked what lessons NeNe taught Gregg from kicking him to the curb, she shadily said, “To never cross me in the wrong way. How about that?” Yikes! Seems more like a dig at Joy than Gregg, eh?

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