Adam Lambert Talks His Dark Sonic Shift On The Original High

Dusky tracks like "Ghost Town" will help you "dance through the pain and feel better."

Fresh off his triumphant run as the touring front-man for Queen, Adam Lambert’s new album The Original High scales back on the theatrical flourishes that fans have come to expect. The one-time American Idol star shows off his vulnerable side on emotionally charged songs like “Another Lonely Night,” “Things I Didn’t Say,” and the lead single, “Ghost Town.”

Opening with a delicate acoustic guitar figure and his trademark tenor front and center, “Ghost Town” sounds more like a bedroom demo before vaulting into a haunting dance-noir chorus. The result is both infectious and gorgeous, but it’s definitely a departure from the aggressively upbeat pop of yore. What caused his sudden dusky shift? For a start, he recorded the album with super-producers Max Martin and Shellback during a winter in Sweden—a time when daylight hours are few. So maybe some of the darkness seeped into the tracks? It’s possible!

Watch Lambert discuss his sonic evolution in the video above, and check below as he describes his current fashion look: “Rock ’n’ roll daywear.”

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