Insane Celebrity Freakouts Actually Caught on Tape

Jeez. Simmer down.

We’ve all lost our cool. Whether it’s over a spouse cheating or something little (or huge) like McDonald’s forgetting your second order of fries, it’s human nature to freak out every now and then. It’s forgivable, as long as you don’t, ya know, hurt someone or say something really jerk-ish. And it’s especially forgivable if it isn’t caught on tape.

Unfortunately, these eight celebrities weren’t so lucky. We don’t see any physical blows here (to our knowledge), but these freakouts are next-level. And they all (somehow) were filmed for the world to see. Good for us. Bad for them. All of these bbs would benefit from an anger management lesson or two. Goos fraba, am I right?

  • Christian Bale

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    Don’t cross Christian Bale—actually—or you’ll be sorry. That’s exactly what happens to Terminator Salvation Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut here. He makes the boo-boo of walking into Christian’s line of vision while filming a scene, and the actor just can not work in such conditions. So, what does he do? Scream and shout like a diva. And that’s not a compliment.

  • Gisele Bündchen

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    The supermodel does not have patience for a group of rowdy New York Giants fans patronizing her after her husband Tom Brady’s team (the New England Patriots) lost the 2012 Super Bowl. “My husband cannot throw the f—ng ball and catch the ball at the time,” she claps back, before storming into an elevator like a damn goddess.

  • Alec Baldwin

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    This one is especially disturbing, because Alec is yelling at his then-11-year-old daughter. He even calls her a “thoughtless little pig” in this. She was ELEVEN! Jeez. What the hell did she do to receive this phone call? (Answer: Literally nothing deserves this.)

  • David O. Russell

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    A squabble with Lily Tomlin (who makes our list too) on the set of I ♥ Huckabees leads to a full-on shouting match, with David hurling most of the fire. He calls Lily a slew of despicable names, knocks some stuff over—essentially throwing a toddler-style temper tantrum. Homeboy really needed to chill out, because now this ish is a permanent blemish on what is otherwise a pristine career.

  • Bill O’Reilly

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    “WE’LL DO IT LIVE!” Alright, Bill. Whatever you say. If you haven’t seen this Internet gem, here is the backstory: Bill, then an Inside Edition anchor, is testing out closing lines for a broadcast. When he has trouble naturally saying what’s on the script, he loses it. Big time. And now he’s on Fox News.

  • Joan Rivers

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    The late Ms. Rivers is 50 shades of over a CNN journalist who keeps overtly criticizing her career. So, what does she do? Read her to filth, and walk off the screen. Yup! Right here, queen.

  • Lily Tomlin

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    Man, I ♥ Huckabees sounds like an awful set. Lily comes in again, this time as the person freaking out. It appears to be another problem she has with Mr. O’Russell, but her co-stars (including Dustin Hoffman) get the brunt of it. I’d rather be anywhere else than in that car.

  • Michael Richards

    Yikes. We end with Michael’s notorious racist rant while performing at the California Laugh Factory in 2006. After a few black audience members get too “loud” during the show, Mr. Richards (Kramer on Seinfeld) unleashes a disgusting monologue so vile, we’re choosing not to physically include it here. You can find it on YouTube, if you’re so inclined.