Director Johan Renck Speaks On Making David Bowie’s Extended “Blackstar” Music Video

Watch the world premiere of the 10-minute epic right here!

Last week David Bowie melted minds by teasing a 30-second sample of his video for ★ (previously referred to as “Blackstar”). Today the entire extended epic has been unleashed on the world, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s 10 minutes of etherial imagery, pure imagination, and sensual mood music that must be experienced by every music fan. But then again, we expect no less from Mr. Bowie.

“Blackstar” is not only the first single off of Bowie’s upcoming ★ album (due out January 8th), but it also serves as the theme song for the Sky Atlantic miniseries The Last Panthers. Johan Renck, director of the stellar series, is also the man behind the camera for this new video. Watch the piece in all its glory, and read on for thoughts from the Renck himself!

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