Are You A Sagittarius? Then You Need To Listen To This Playlist!

Happy birthday, archer baes!

Sagittarius bbs, rejoice! Today marks your time. Whether your birthday is today or Dec. 21, revel in this joyous month and let your freak flag fly. (And because you’re a bunch of spicy, energetic adventure-seekers, we know this won’t be a problem.) As a fellow Sagittarius myself, I vow to do one exciting thing per day for the next month. Who’s with me on that?

If you’re game, we need a good soundtrack, right? And not just any collection of boring songs: A pulsating collection of high-energy (and high-tempo) pop bangers. What, are we supposed to road trip listening to Adele’s 25 nonstop? Nah. Britney Spears (and these other nine artists) are more our style.

  • “Sky Fits Heaven,” Madonna

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    Intelligence is one of the Sagittarius’ best traits, and with that comes the desire to muse about the universe and his/her place in it. Enter Madonna’s “Sky Fits Heaven,” a whimsical techno deep cut off her 1998 album Ray of Light. With a swooping ethereal beat and lyrics about prophets and following the sun, it’s the perfect soundtrack for deep cOnTeMpLaTiOn~*.

  • “Gypsy,” Lady Gaga

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    Real estate? Mortgage? Bah! The Sagittarius turns his/her nose up to such “normal” modes of living. Instead, he/she opts for travel, adventure and the good ’ole outdoors. “Gypsy” captures that romantic, life-on-the-road euphoria, with its sweeping electro-pop structure and talk of packing bags and bidding adieu to friends. “I don’t want to be alone forever,” Gaga wails. “But I can be tonight.” Yes, she can. So can you, Sag.

  • “Perfect Day,” Hoku

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    No one knows how to grab a day by the danglers more than a Sagittarius, and Hoku’s 2001 bubblegum treat describes just that. They hate being constrained and love doing things on a whim. Jam out to this blast from the past and see where the next 12 hours take you, Sag. Be sure to invite Hoku.

  • “Speak,” Lindsay Lohan

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    Diplomacy is not the Sag’s strongest suit, which is both good and bad. Good, because they tell it like it is. Bad, because sometimes their brutal honesty doesn’t go over well with their friends. They’re essentially the walking personification of Ms. Lohan’s “Speak,” a synthy breathless ode to—well—speaking your mind. “Keep it real, no big deal,” Lindsay coos against a neon beat. And yes, Sag, you will.

  • “3,” Britney Spears

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    As an archer, you’re curious. And what better way to feed your curiosity than indulging in a little ménage à trois? BritBrit–a Sag herself–knows what’s up, so she crafted this glossy, disco-tastic tribute to threesomes sure to give you all the tingles.

  • “Ride Wit Me,” Nelly feat. St. Lunatics

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    The modern Sag is all about trekking new terrains—and that can mean anything from backpacking across Europe or ridin’ in a Benz-y with Nelly, feeling your early 2000s oats. You’re always down for unexpected shenanigans—and this song is the epitome of unexpected shenanigans.

  • “Pump It,” Black Eyed Peas

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    Sag’s crave excitement and tend to live life with the volume turned way the eff up. “Pump It,” a 2005 pop/hip-hop hybrid from the Peas, literally tells listeners to get louder. And louder. In other words, perfect for a Sagittarius.

  • “Burnin’ Up,” Jessie J

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    Because Sag is a fire sign. Duh. What better way to tribute that than a song actually about burning?

  • “Bo$$,” Fifth Harmony

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    Headstrong and and natural-born leaders, Sagittarius baes tend to take the reins in work or on projects. They’re not satisfied being just a worker bee; they want to be the boss—or bo$$, as the 5H ladies sing in this punchy, plastic pop delight.

  • “Run the World (Girls),” Beyoncé

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    No Sag playlist is complete without Bey, the most fiery, powerful and badass lady in the game. And “Run the World?” It’s her magnum opus.