Justin Bieber And Jimmy Fallon Reveal Their Secret Handshake, Solidifying The Bromance

It's official. They're J Squared.

Few things in this life are better than bromance, especially when Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon are involved.

The Biebs appeared on The Tonight Show this week to promote his new album Purpose. If you haven’t already listened to it, what have you been doing? Biebs paired up with The Roots to perform his new hit “Sorry” on the show, and he also debuted something special with Jimmy.

Justin and Jimmy (Can we call them J Squared?) revealed their highly intricate secret handshake. It lasts about a minute and a half long, so make that coffee before you watch. J Squared (I’m calling them J Squared) solidified their bromance with their big reveal because nothing says forever like a long ass handshake. They also made for some GIF-able moments.

There was some of this.


A little bit of this.


And whatever this is, it happened, too.


Does anyone else have serious FOMO after watching that? Yeah? Wanna go see Biebs live on tour?

Hit the clip below to watch Justin and Jimmy’s bromantic handshake below, and watch Biebs perform “Sorry” with The Roots here.

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