Can We Take A Moment To Talk About The Amazing Fashion on Scream Queens?

When is Chanel Oberlin coming out with a fur line?

By Christianna Wiggins

The perfect mixture of American Horror Story and Glee, Scream Queens has a little something for everyone. The devilishly fun show has viewers obsessing over everything from the multiple Chanel’s, to the unreal Kappa mansion or best of all, the extravagant murder chase.

Still, nothing is more worthy of a full-on single white female-type of obsession as the clothing in this series. Never has such a couture group of ladies casually graced prime time television. Each episode is like sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, but the most snarky models get to speak.

And just like at Fashion Week, everyone wants the clothing, but they don’t always have access, or the funds, to snag the latest high fashion trends. But fear not. The Scream Queens style is not only fabulous, but also very attainable. To help narrow down your style search, take a look at all the best outfits from the first eight episodes, as well as where this killer fashion can be found.

  1. Pilot, Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts)

    Chanel Oberlin, a.k.a. Queen B on campus, arrived on the scene and set the fashion tone for the season. Chanel kept it classy in a silk white shirt, a Houndstooth pencil skirt and a light pink fur jacket.

    You can pick up a white tie neck blouse at your nearest Ann Taylor, and if you’re looking for a Houndstooth skirt, here’s one from Asos. We found a similar pink faux fur jacket for $79 at Asos:


  2. “Hell Week,” Chanel No. 3 (Billy Lourd)

    Hell week quickly approached and the Chanel’s were not letting their pledges off easy. While the dynamic trio explained the rules of the week, Chanel No. 3 was dressed to kill in a graphic tee, a sequined jacket, and a white tulle skirt.

    Scoop up some pink earmuffs from Amazon, a Stussy No. 4 t-shirt from Hypebeast, a tulle ivory skirt from Lulu’s, a pink sequin jacket from and poof! You have Chanel No. 3’s flaw-free look.

  3. “Chainsaw” — Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin)

    Chanel No. 5 is the most underrated Chanel, but don’t count out this fashionista. She often matches vintage dresses with bright furs, as seen with this white, floral printed dress that #5 paired with a royal blue fur.

    You can get the same floral dress as Chanel No. 5 for $104 from Asos, and for a faux fur vest in a variety of colors, head on over to Amazon.

  4. “Haunted House,” Chanel No. 6 / Hester (Leah Michelle)

    Hester took off her neck brace and put on some Daizy Shely. The latest addition to the Chanel’s got more than she bargained for when she entered this haunted house, but her fabulous blue skirt could brighten even the darkest of situations.

    We found Chanel No. 6’s Daizy Shely skirt here (price not included, so it’s probably uber expensive). Get a cute beige bow belt to match from Lyst.

  5. “Pumpkin Patch,” Chanel No. 3

    As Chanel Oberlin was embarrassingly hauled away to jail, her sisters looked on with judgment and disdain. In spite of her harrowing looks, Chanel No. 3’s outfit dazzled with its sparkly black polka dots and a bedazzled set of earmuffs.

    Get the same polka dot sequin top and matching mini as Chanel No. 3 from Asos for a total of just $62.00.

  6. “Seven Minutes in Hell,” ZayDay (Keke Palmer)

    New pledge Zayday was a bombshell from the start. From her attitude to her style choices, she stands apart from her Kappa sister in the best way possible. Check out this adorable crop top that she pairs with a clean white hate and a funky-print, wide-legged pant.

    Get a similar look to ZayDay by copping a cropped satin-jersey top from The Outnet and pairing it with these adorable black culottes from Zara. They don’t have pinstripes, but they’re a wardrobe must-have.


  7. “Beware of Young Girls,” Chanel No. 6 / Hester

    No. 6 keeps it simple but sophisticated in this green and gold embellished dress. This look may be calm, but her personality still isn’t.

    Get similar green nano emerald studs for just $16.99 here, as well as Hester’s deep plunge metallic prom dress for $92 from Asos.


  8. “Mommie Dearest,” Chanel Oberlin

    Chanel hits this list for the third time for her amazing fur collection. The Kappa HBIC stunned in this multi-colored fur coat over a simple white dress.

    You can get a similar double layer dress for just $45 here, and if you’re looking for a faux fur color block coat, peep this one from Asos for $233.