Shannon Coffey Talks Freck Yourself + More of the Week’s Hottest Trends

Temporary freckles, people. Welcome to the future.

Fellow freckle-faced cuties, rejoice!

Freckles are being celebrated like never before via Freck Yourself, a new company helping you give yourself temporary freckles. Ditch the cover up and celebrate your beauty marks, ladies, ’cause people are seriously paying to have them. The 20 host Shannon Coffey has the dish on Freck Yourself and the other four hottest stories of the week. Find out which emoji became word of the year and more in the clip above.

If you’re feeling anxious about surviving Thanksgiving at home, Shannon’s crazy cousin Teresa is here to help. Teresa has some Thanksgiving tips on family small talk, where to sit at the dinner table and more. Hit the clip below to find out what words of wisdom she has to offer about Thanksgiving with the fam bam.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, but what about saying “you’re welcome”? Teresa has some thoughts on saying this to anyone and everyone this Thanksgiving. Find out what she has to say below and catch The 20 when it airs on Saturdays at 9 a.m.

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