Crazy Celebrity Spending Stories You Must Read to Believe

She spent THAT much money on a BARBIE DOLL?

Black Friday is upon us, folks, and that means copious spending is probably in your future. Whether your poison is clothes, electronics or food (like this writer), your wallet will inevitably get a workout this weekend. That’s a good thing. Don’t question it. Just get your life.

The workout might be a little easier if you check out Old Navy on Thursday. If you’re one of the first people in line on Thanksgiving, you might win $1 million. With that cash, you can definitely splurge on some ridiculous swag. These 10 celebrities know a thing or two about that. You won’t believe the crazy amount of money they spent on some pretty pointless (but slay-worthy) things. But, hey, if you have $1 million, wouldn’t you do the same?

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