Good Lotion Turned Bad: Moniece Looks Back on Her Spat with Nikki on This Week’s Check Yourself

"I can't stand Lil B. She looks like a catfish."

Seems like Nikki did throw salt all up on Moniece’s relationship causing Rich to throw a chance at being engaged out the window. In this week’s Check Yourself, Nikki and Moniece look back and reflect on how things went left at Lil Fizz’s video premiere party. Moniece (and her puppy) wants to know why Nikki, who couldn’t even lend “so much as a piece of lingerie to your model” was even there. Nikki Baby feels bad for ruining Fizz’s party but CLAIMS she didn’t realize Moniece and Rich were that serious. Oof. Poor Fizz.

Watch Check Yourself for the rest of Moniece and Nikki’s commentary!

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