Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Have Beef With Jennifer Lopez—That’s Just Her Face

She didn't "throw shade" at the American Music Awards. Chill.

Y’all really need to stop freaking out about VH1 Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly honoree Nicki Minaj’s face.

People seem to think the rapper and casual kween threw shade at 2015 American Music Awards host Jennifer Lopez during Sunday night’s broadcast–all because cameras caught Nicki making a “face” as Jennifer danced to “Anaconda” in the show’s opening number. And what exactly did this face entail, you ask? No scowling. No eye-rolling. No laughing. None of anything–just Nicki watching J.Lo’s performance with a blank expression. But in today’s hyped-up Web culture, this constitutes the shadiest kind of shade-throwing. Watch all of the nothingness go down in the video below.

And here is the “beef” again in GIF form:

American Music Awards

The Internet wasted no time freaking the hell out over this “moment.” Check out what a few sensationalists spewed on social media:

Nicki caught wind of her stans creating a whole lot of something out of tumbleweeds. She took to Twitter and put all of the brouhaha to rest. “lol says what all? I’m looking at my own face on the screen when I’m looking to the right. I turn Bak & look @ her ?,” she posted.

Here is the tea served hot off the kettle: Nicki is a DGAF badass. If she really had an issue with J.Lo–or any artist–don’t you think she would just say something out loud? Case in point: When she egged on Miley Cyrus to fight on stage at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. She wouldn’t waste her time being petty with side-eye. She’d face these basics head on, and that’s why we love her.

It’s quite comical people are formulating a beef based on a three-second clip of someone’s resting face. Do you have a smile on your mug every second you’re at a concert? No. No one does. If you do, you might need a strait jacket. Nicki was literally just living, and she probably had no idea the cameras were even on her. Can we stop perpetuating the notion that female pop artists are daggers for one another? I’m over it, and you should be, too.