Think Freda Gatz From Empire Is Good? You Need to Hear Her IRL Freestyles

World, meet Bre-Z Babii.

Real talk: Empire is pretty slow this season.

Angel bae Jamal is depressed that Michael cheated on him, and when Jamal is depressed, so is the rest of the world. Cookie’s fashion game has gotten stronger (never forget the red leather getup, though) and Andre is kind of sabotaging the family business as a result of his newfound love for Jesus. Ironic, right?

Overall, the show’s main characters seem to be stuck in a sophomore slump, locked away in a dark room with a projector continuously playing images of crazy Leah Walker looking for her bullets. But there is hope this season and it lies in the fresh faces, one of which is the character Freda Gatz.

Freda is a Brooklyn native who earned her stripes through battle rap. She’s played by Philadelphia-born Wilmington-raised rapper Bre-Z. Bre-Z got on the show by accident, and thank God she made it because otherwise we’d go on thinking Hakeem was the GOAT. If you’re a fan of Freda, you probably feel like she deserves more airtime. I know I do. But until that happens, Bre-Z has some IRL freestyles that you need to hear.

Check out some of our picks from Bre-Z’s repertoire below and check out her interview with ThisIs50 here. Tell us who you really think won the Empire battle rap last week in the comments section below.

  • “6 God Freestyle”

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    Drizzy would be proud.

  • “Move That Dope”

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    Make room, Future.

  • “Trillest”

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    Bre-Z sneezing on Post Malone’s “White Iverson.”

  • “True Indeed”

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    Bre-Z’s version of Drake’s “From Time.”

  • “Ooh Kill ’Em Freestyle”

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    Talk to them, girl.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.