Watch Adele and Jimmy Fallon Try (and Fail) to Guess What’s in Each Others’ Mystery Boxes

If I told you I had a giraffe with three donuts around its neck, would you say I was lying?

She’s back and as radiant as ever.

Adele was a special guest on The Tonight Show last night, where she and Jimmy Fallon played a game called Box of Lies. It works like this: You pick a box. You examine what’s in the box. You describe the thing in the box to your opponent by either lying or telling the truth. He then has to guess if what you said is a truth or a lie.

The game only lasted three rounds, but that was enough to weird us all out. One of the objects was a wheel with noses on it. Where do you even find something like that? And how would you describe THIS to your opponent?


Still figuring that one out, to be honest.

Adele’s appearance on the show comes just days after she dropped her surprisingly upbeat 25 album on Friday. Have you listened yet? Hit the clip below to watch Adele and Jimmy play Box of Lies, and head on over here to watch Adele perform “Water Under The Bridge” from 25 live.

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