I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Kat and Phor Hook Up and Take Things To The Next Level

After one too many tequila shots, anything can happen...

From the series premiere of Black Ink Crew Chicago, it was evident that Kat and Phor had some intense chemistry. But having been burned in the past, Kat was hesitant to open her heart to Phor. Was Phor simply looking for a hookup? Could Kat trust him? It was only just a few weeks ago that Phor planned a romantic evening for Kat only to be told by her that she was not ready to be in a relationship with anyone.

However, after talking with Charmaine and Danielle, Kat began to reconsider her feelings for Phor. With Kat in New York for a tattoo convention and Phor in there for a meeting with Epic Records, Kat decided to give Phor a second chance by taking her on a proper date. After a few celebratory tequila shots, their date leads to more when they start kissing and head back to the hotel.

Was this a one night stand or will Kat and Phor’s hookup lead to more? How will this affect the dynamic of the shop? Rewatch the scene above and share your thoughts below!