Hear Mack Wilds’ Seductive, Nostalgic New Single “Love In The 90z”

? I was your Fresh Prince back in the summer days ?

Mack Wilds, who will star in VH1’s upcoming original movie The Breaks, just dropped a fresh new jam and it’s the perfect balance of sex and nostalgia.

In “Love In The 90z,” Mack throws it back to a time he was still too young to fully embrace—when “TLC weren’t 2 proud 2 beg,” when “Keith made you sweat,” pining for simpler days of courtship that didn’t involve anyone’s hotlines blinging. (Sorry, Drizzy. Love you forever, though.)

Mack recently starred in Adele’s video for “Hello,” playing her ex-love interest. He is also starring in VH1’s 2016 movie The Breaks, which is (fittingly) set in the ’90s in NYC. The Breaks will follow the journey of three friends—Nikki (Afton Williamson), David (David Call) and DeeVee (Mack), their love for hip-hop and their journey as they break into the music industry.

Give Mack’s “Love In The ’90z” single a listen here and hit the link below to read more about VH1’s original movie The Breaks.

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