Gotham Reveals Its Mr. Freeze, and He Looks Nothing Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

What do you think of the villain's new look?

It’s about to get very chilly in Gotham.

The hit FOX TV show–a modern interpretation of the Batman universe–gave USA Today a preview of its newest villain: The polarizing Victor Fries, a.k.a Mr. Freeze. And his look will shiver you to the core. (O.K.: That’s the last “cold” pun–well, maybe.)

Played by Nathan Darrow, Gotham Mr. Freeze looks virtually nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campy (but iconic) portrayal of the bad guy in Batman & Robin (1997). Arnold’s Mr. Freeze was quite literally, well, freezing–icy (almost glittery) blue skin with eyes that resembled ice cubes. Batman meets Vegas, to be honest. (See Arnold’s Mr. Freeze below.)

But Nathan’s take is noticeably darker. His ensemble appears black, and he swaps icicle-looking eyes for creepy-as-hell sunglasses. thinks Gotham Mr. Freeze looks like Captain Cold from The Flash, and we have to agree. Arnold hammed it up as Freeze, but it appears the villain is sleeker–ergo, scarier–this time around. Solid move, Mr. Darrow. (See the new Mr. Freeze in the picture below.)

If you’re not a Batman stan, here is the tea on Freeze: He is a Wayne Enterprises cryogenics engineer trying to save his terminally ill wife Nora, played by Kristen Hager on Gotham. We’re sure much of his storyline on the show will revolve around this.

You can watch Mr. Freeze’s debut on Gotham’s mid-season finale Monday night (Nov. 30) at 8 p.m. on FOX. However, most of his story will unfold when the show returns Feb. 29.