This Woman Is Cool with Her 60-Year-Old Husband Marrying His Pregnant Teen Girlfriend

You won't believe this ish.

Are you sitting down for this?

Let me paint you a little picture. Belinda Miller is a 44-year-old woman. She is married to Thom, a 60-year-old mafia enforcer-turned-pastor. Thom also has a girlfriend, 19-year-old Reba Kerfootruba. Reba is pregnant with Thom’s child. Because he is now a ~GoD-fearing man, Thom wants to marry Reba but still stay married to Belinda. And Belinda is literally down for all of this.

Welcome to polygamy, folks. It’s confusing, but–let’s be real–not that unheard of.

LadBible reports Thom is currently building a house in Ohio with two separate wings–one for each of his wives. They’ll each get to spend three days with Thom–how lucky!–and we guess the one day leftover is for Thom to pray or whatever. The trio plans to raise Thom and Reba’s biological child as a family. However, this family doesn’t allow the women to have other male suitors. Nope. Thom is the only one with that privilege. (C’mon, Thom! Let the ladies get theirs, too!)

“I think polygamy benefits everyone because my wives get to have a much larger family – it means they always have a friend with them,” Thom said, according to LadBible. A “friend?” LOL, K. That’s a cute way to put it.

And we’re not kidding when we say Belinda is all in for this arrangement. “I wanted to have more of a family – having another lady in the house not only makes our family whole but individually it’s a beautiful thing because it’s like having a sister around,” she said. “Thom is the love of my life and Reba is the blessing of my life so it all works.”

What about Reba? Well, her family wasn’t cool with the sitch at first, but they’ve since simmered. “At first my family thought that what we were doing was not right. They didn’t think it was proper for me to be with a man that was already married,” she said. “But they started to come around and now they’re happy as they know I am happy.”

Listen, we’re in no position to judge anyone. If this makes these bbs happy, then we’re here for it. But what about y’all? How do y’all feel about polygamy? Sound off on the Millers’, erm, unusual lifestyle in the comments below.