Britney Spears’ Most Awkward (And Iconic) On-Camera Moments

"I love vanilla candles."

Princess of Pop/Starbucks Britney Spears turns the big 3-4 today. (I’m sure all you Y2K baes feel ancient as hell right now! Don’t worry, you’re not alone.) The Christmas Savior is currently killing the game in Las Vegas with her residency Piece Of Me, in addition to #SexySunday Instagram posts that give us gallons of life. The only thing BritBrit hasn’t given us lately, though, is a good awkward interview. And that’s a shame, because she is the empress of ’em.

Seriously, her uncomfortable faces and quotes are as iconic as her songs–if not more. Whether they come from actual interviews, her stint on The X Factor or Chaotic (that Emmy-worthy reality show with ex-hubby Kevin Federline), Ms. Spears has a catalog of on-camera faux pas that slay us every time. Here are her 10 most awkward moments to date.

  • The time she stanned hard for vanilla candles.

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    Listen, “Hold It Against Me” wasn’t going to record itself, you know.

  • When she compared sneezing and chocolate to orgasms–and threw in an “Ah-choo!” for emphasis.

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    Where is her Oscar for Best Sneeze Impression?

  • The time she wasn’t here for Fifth Harmony’s s–t.

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    You. Shall. Not. Pass.

  • When thunder threw her off-track.

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    “We need to get out of here.”

  • The time she threw the most awkward birthday party for one.

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    Who needs people when you have party blowers and your very own cake?

  • When she became a social media maverick.

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    “Let’s tweet that out.”

  • The time she was literally Paula Abdul circa 2003.

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    Her dancing can and will solve all of Earth’s problems. Get your damn life, girl!

  • When she tooted her own horn.

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    The fact she didn’t know/care about this record kills me.

  • The time she said the phrase “artsy fartsy.”

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    Which, in her mind, means doing a rock/pop album and working with Katy Perry.

  • And last but not least: When she did this.

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    Perhaps the most philosophical and important musing caught on camera. Wise beyond her years. A true, unfiltered (burping) genius.