Ryan’s Not Here For The Haters: He Goes Off On Instagram For Those Who Think He’d Really Go There With A Female

Don't get it twisted...

Sky and Ryan’s screaming match didn’t sit well with many viewers last night. After the airing of their little altercation, Ryan took to Instagram to let all the haters know that it’s all good in the hood. They even FaceTime’d each other during the show to let you all know, it wasn’t that deep. So keep calm y’all, Ryan would never let it get past where it went. Now if it was a guy then…..it probably would’ve ended very differently.

“Lemme give some insight to you onlooking dirtbags who don’t understand the obvious… To all my men and real n—s, y’all understood on this part even when I slow it down, I say VERBATIM, that’s a WOMAN, I won’t go there, nor will I argue with a woman, you better go and get who you need to, a Man to go there with me.. We don’t disrespect no woman NOR stay to argue with Women. Im more than that and wouldn’t disrespect that woman past that. Id rather fight 100 n—s lined up, I’m built that way by a regime and Laws. I slowed that part down to highlight it, and that FaceTijme was from me and @flyyytattedsky tonight… You won’t see where we made up that night but understand, disrespect to the female ain’t my way. period… Sky… Peace queen. ✊????… Take a lesson you cupcake a– boys…”

Glad to see they’re one big Black Ink family again (insert emoji here).

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