#SnowmanDatingProblems Hilariously Reveals Why It’s Difficult Boning Frosty

"That incident in the park where he was caught wearing only a scarf."

In bizarre Twitter hashtag news, #SnowmanDatingProlems is now trending. Yup. Isn’t the Internet a glorious place?

Someone in the deep, deep Web finally tweeted what millions of people around the world are thinking: It’s difficult lusting after a snowman. (C’mon–you know you’re a thirsty THOT for Frosty!)

And it makes sense: Snowmen look jolly and DTF, but they’re cold to the core. Even worse: You can’t get hot with them, or they go away. Literally. Like, they actually melt into nothing. How are you supposed to get your life when your (snow)man craps melts out before you even reach first base? Answer: You can’t. And it’s devastating.

It just took one brave soul confessing his/her snowmosexual frustration to the world for thousands to follow suit. Below are the funniest–and saddest–grievances people have about their snowman boning issues. But we have a solution, loves: Move to Alaska. That way, snowbae and you will never separate. #TrueLove