Being Mary Jane Season 3, Episode 8: Did Mary Jane Sell Out or Buy In?

Did I just hear “white supremacist” on a TV show?

By Michael Arceneaux

I’m beginning to get sad over the reality that we are inching closer and closer towards the end of this season of Being Mary Jane. This show continues to get better with each episode and last night’s was no different. As I have mentioned in the past, Mary Jane Paul used to dab all over my last nerve, but now that she’s mellowed a bit (for her), I have been able to focus on all of the amazing things this show continues to do.

As annoying as Nicey is, does Mary Jane need to give her a break?

While I find Nicey to be a coddled brat with a false sense of entitlement, damn Mary Jane, can you let the girl dream a little bit? Maybe she couldn’t afford a car, but did you have to alert of that fun fact mere seconds after she mentions the desire to have her own ride? After she finished to ether Nicey’s (presumed) Chevy Malibu dreams, Mary Jane then decided to lecture the rest of her family and how they manage their money. Girl, shut up sometimes.

Why didn’t Mary Jane choke that student?

Before she even gave her guest lecture to students at Clark Atlanta, a student turned to Mary Jane as she sat among the students and said that when it comes to her telecast, people are “checking more for you than the stories that matter.” By the time Mary Jane did tried to offer her explanation about building a brand and essentially buying into the system as opposed to selling out to it, she only found herself shut down again.

Why is Mary Jane talking about a damn puppy?

I’m a little conflicted on how Mary Jane Paul, primetime news anchor, is being handled. When I see her do stories on a damn puppy – as we saw last night – I do recognize that those sort of superfluous stories are often found on TV. However, we also live in an age – notably on cable news – when anchors of Mary Jane’s stature are allowed to editorialize. You know, like Don Lemon despite him not knowing a damn thing. Well, a better, more informed example would be Rachel Maddow.

And even if they do keep their opinions to themselves – say, Anderson Cooper – there still remains a very pointed vision in terms of what kind of stories are covered. In Coop’s case, foreign news specifically. With that in mind, I’m not entirely sure why we’re dealing with a storyline in which Mary Jane is in struggle mode on how to bring more of herself to the show.

But perhaps that’s the journalist, former broadcast journalism major in me talking. I want to suspend my belief, but I’m also wanting to shake Mary Jane’s table and explain to her that it’s not that hard to get your POV out more on a primetime cable news show.

Did I just hear “white supremacist” on a TV show?

Why yes, I did. Another reason to appreciate the space that BET has provided Being Mary Jane to flourish.

Do you ask your boo to take an HIV test before smashing?

Now, I have definitely am no stranger to pulling pop quizzes on those I plan to bed about their status, but I have never whipped out a home HIV test like Mary Jane Paul. Initially, I wondered if this was like some kind of Oraquick in-show ad, but either way, I like this. I dare y’all to buy these as stocking stuffers. If you do, please include innuendo in the card.

Did Mary Jane snap a pic of the boo to send her bestie?

Don’t repeat that. Creep life.

You clock the Hillary critique?

I certainly did, and if you saw Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account today, which included a graphic depicting Rosa Parks sitting on the HRC campaign logo, it came right on time. You definitely have to earn the Black vote, Mrs. Clinton. But try a little harder.

Isn’t it about time Mary Jane ended her co-dependency on Kara?

It was nice to hear Kara tell Mary Jane that at this point, her dreams are on hold so she can play a more active role in her kids’ lives. Maybe that’s why Mary Jane is only now realizing she can have the best of both worlds with her loftier position at the network. She doesn’t trust her judgment. Kara was kind of out of line for ruling out Marisol to take her place. Tuck that hate back in, sis. You’re better than that.

Was Papa Shaft too hard on Patrick?

The answer is hell no. He’s back on that sh*t so his parents emptied their bank account trying to keep him clean. Let him tell it, since he’s not on that Bobby by the pound or Whitney by the key, it’s okay to be on the Karen Walker. It is not, sir. Get your life together.