Watching These Kids Struggle to Use Old Technology Will Make You Feel Ancient

Thank God for Wi-Fi.

Radio Shack made commercials in the ’90s for portable cell phones that were so large, you carried them around like a briefcase. And get this: They only had service in “most major cities.” Nowadays you and I get antsy if we can’t connect to the Wi-Fi at the local Starbucks.

Technology has changed so drastically over the past three decades, kids today will never know the glory of playing Super Mario Bros. on the OG Nintendo. They will never have to work a rotary phone or leave a message on an old answering machine. Thank God for voicemail. But what if kids were faced with the task of doing these things? How would that interaction go?

Let’s just say it doesn’t go smoothly. Parents, if you grew up using what are now remnants of “old technology,” you will probably feel ancient watching children figure out how to insert a cassette tape into a Walkman. Kids, you are about to be so thankful for your seven-year-old Macbook that’s dying a slow death.

Watch as the future struggles with technology of the past.

  • These kids who cannot handle setting an alarm clock

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    Or putting on a record. Or using a rotary phone. Or playing a boombox.

  • These young ones who are NOT here for Ellen DeGeneres’ answering machine

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    This boy’s reaction to old, chunky cell phones: “It doesn’t even have no FaceTime!”

  • This kid straight up rejecting the flip phone

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    Same, to be honest.

  • This 11-year-old who doesn’t understand what a rotary phone is

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    Someone get him.

  • These kids hating on old computers

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    Preach, children, preach!

  • These two boys struggling with a Walkman

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    The mom’s advice is golden: “Let Calvin try it. He’s a boy scout.”

  • These children who don’t care about their mom’s old technology

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    Not. Having it.

  • These kids who find old technology “boring”

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    Dad: “What did you think of this old technology?”

    Kids: “Boring.”


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