All the Times Beyonce Handled Concert Catastrophes Like a Champ

"I told you give me a minute and I'll be right back."

There are very few things that phase The Beyonce.

Falling down during a performance and getting snatched off the stage by a crazed fan are not among them. Neither is accidentally flashing tens of thousands of people at the 2014 Global Citizens Festival. Actually, we’re not sure what does phase her. Probably nothing.

If there’s one life lesson you can learn from Beyonce’s performance mishaps, it’s this: Mistakes can’t stop you from being less fierce. They also can’t stop you from singing. Here are some of Queen Bey’s performance missteps that only made her shine brighter.

  • The time a shirtless man tried to snatch her off the stage.

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    She also got her butt slapped and shut that down real quick.

  • When her boobs came out to play at the Global Citizen Festival.

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    She covered up the wardrobe malfunction with her flawless voice.

  • The time she fell during “Ring The Alarm.”

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    And then went from 0 to 100 when she got back up.

  • The time she fell during “Irreplaceable” and it was kinda cute.

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    She made it look like a dance move.

  • The infamous time that dumb fan got in the way of her hair.

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    She didn’t miss any runs, though.

  • When she gave Terrence Howard a lap dance.

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    This one’s less of a catastrophe and more of a misstep. Beyonce giving Terrence Howard a lap dance is about as uncomfortable as Lucious Lyon singing on Empire. Bey will probably never appear on the show as a result, but it’s fine ’cause she’s Bey and has her own empire.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.